Everyone is welcome to attend Worship services, Bible studies and activities. The best way to get to know people is through attending a Sunday School class or small Bible study.

When do I join or make a decision?

When you know that this is the church you would like to join, or if you would like to become a Christian, at the close of every worship service, a hymn is sung and the pastors stand facing the congregation. Walk to one of them at this time. Tell this person that you want to join the church or make a decision for Christ.

What next?

The pastor will talk with you or introduce you to an encourager who will then have a conversation with you about your decision.

What about my children?

Children may come forward during the invitation. Our trained workers will deal sensitively with your child. Parents will be informed and involved at every step of the spiritual nurturing of their children.

Why do I need to be a member of a local church?

Acts 2:41 speaks of those who "were added to their number."Definite affiliation gives a sense of belonging, loyalty, and commitment. It helps the church to know who we can count on for service and leadership.

There are four ways to join.

  1. By professing faith in Christ and following Him in baptism.
  2. By transferring you membership from a Southern Baptist Church.
  3. By statement of your faith in Christ and that you have been baptized by immersion after salvation.
  4. By statement from another denomination that does not practice baptism b;y immersion. This is a statement of faith in Christ and a willingness to experience baptism by immersion.